Ahhhh!! The yearly call to become fitter, thinner and better! I like to quote Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast on this, “Promises you don’t intend to keep”. Maybe we know, when we made these demands on our aesthetic and physical bodies, that that is not where change needs to happen?

In your deepest, darkest ‘self’ what needs are not being met? In counselling there is a thing called the ‘miracle question’. It has many variations but the one I like the most poses the question “If you woke up tomorrow and everything that was wrong or painful had magically healed, how would your day enfold to allow you to notice these changes?” What would be different?

Would a weight on your chest or stomach be gone?

Would there be lightness in your ‘self’ or feeling of well-being?

How would these magical changes let themselves be known throughout the course of your daily life?

Do we need to be open and aware to the needs not being met? What are the priorities in our lives? Are we one of them? ‘All that glitters are gold’ Are they?

Have we lost sight of what is important?

Happiness is a subjective concept. What of peace, contentment and the ability to relax?

So! What can we do?

Think about and write about the priorities in your life.

What do you want or need? What needs are not being met?

Identify and name the problem(s).

Does change come from within? Does it need to before external change is met?

I believe we all have internal worlds – different from everyone else’s. They are shaped by experience, knowledge, pain and hope. Your world is different to my world.

Before we become fitter, thinner or better, do we need to sort out our internal issues? We are intelligent and emotional beings so why are we not already fit, thin or better?

We know the path so why are we not already on it?

Sometimes, we need help or support to explore these issues. Sometimes we can sort these issues out ourselves.

Decide what is right for you and know that if you need help – someone is here and listening.


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